We are driven by our desire to amplify the talents of girls basketball throughout the usa and beyond, by providing the greatest opportunity for visibility in the largest markets in the nation.

Queen me has mobilized its grassroots one -on-one all girls' tournament into a multi-city tour! Our effort is to strengthen communities while honoring those luminaries in the sport who have paved the way-as we bring the cities most dynamic athletes to an arena near you!

Each city on the ARENA LIFE tour will consist of the following:
• 100 high school girls compete in one-on-one tournament
• 16 middle school girls compete in a “sweet 16” tournament (serving as the undercard of the queen me tournament)
• award ceremony highlighting individuals who have contributed to the advancement of women’s basketball
- inclusive hiring practices (80% of the staffing, officials, and tech are Women)

Think You Have What It Takes To Be Queen Of The City?