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QUEEN ME is an all-girls, 1-on-1 High School Basketball tournament to crown your city's
next Queen Me champion. The High School coaches in Atlanta will hand-select the best player from their respective teams for an ultra-competitive single-elimination series that will take place in the Empire City of the South.

Think You Have What It Takes To Be Queen Of The City?

Rules and Regulations

  • Referees are responsible for the calling of all fouls, and the upholding of all rules and regulations.
  • First player to 11 points wins. (Each two point basket counts as one)( Three-pointers count as two)
  • First offensive player is decided by a coin.
  • Single game elimination.
  • When change of ball possession occurs, the offensive player must take the ball behind the free throw line extended before she can advance and make a basket. If she fails to do this and makes a basket, the basket does not count and the ball is exchanged and play starts again from the top of the key. 
  • After a violation or a non-shooting foul the ball is awarded to the offended player outside the top of the free throw circle. 
  • If a player is fouled in the act of shooting and a goal is scored, the foul is disregarded. If the goal is not scored, the offended player is awarded the ball at the top of the free throw circle. 
  • After a basket, foul, or violation the ball is awarded to the offensive player by the defensive player, this indicates readiness to play. 
  • Three-second lane rule will be in effect.
  • Tie or jump ball goes to the player who is behind in score. If the score is tied, the jump ball goes to the offense. 
  • All participants are expected to be good sports. Conflicts are to be solved by the referees in a way that is mutually fair.  There will be no protests.
  • meet the BOSTON queens

    meet the ATLANTA queens

    meet the chicago queens

    meet the nyc queens

    Thank you for supporting the youth!